Refresh Milk Thistle Complex 450Mg

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ORGANIC MILK THISTLE COMPLEX – Proprietary silymarin seed extraction method- the result is one of the strongest liver detox supplements available on the Market. Studies show higher concentrations required for max absorption which helps increase liver cleansing effectiveness

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NovaVita Nutrition set out to invent a liver support supplement that would give our customers real results. To do so, we utilized the highest quality ingredients available and used state of the art extraction methods to ensure superior bioavailability and effectiveness. Our organic milk thistle features a maximum potency of 450 mg per capsule.

Many herbal supplements are composed of hard-to-absorb chopped up & ground plant matter. What’s worse, it’s not just shoveled into capsules, but often then pressed into solid tablets using chemical fillers, binders & glazes. The active components in milk thistle normally constitute only a small percentage of the total plant, making it necessary to concentrate the extract extensively to create a high potency milk thistle supplement. Don’t ever settle for an inferior product, especially when it comes to your health!

Experience what a true, organic, maximum potency milk thistle can do for your body. See why most people are choosing OmniBiotics over cheaper, inferior products. We won’t let you down.


  • ORGANIC MILK THISTLE COMPLEX – We ensure maximum potency milk thistle extract using an effective, proprietary silymarin seed extraction method- the result is one of the strongest liver detox supplements available on the Market. Studies show higher concentrations required for max absorption which helps increase liver cleansing effectiveness
  • 450MG CAPSULES ARE 50% STRONGER – Our milk thistle supplement contains 50% MORE silymarin milk thistle extract in each capsule as compared to standard milk thistle products. 450mg organic milk thistle extract powder per capsule enhances bioavailability and ensures high absorption rates
  • LIFETIME MONEY-BACK GUARANTEE – At NovaVita Nutrition, we’re confident that you will love your Refresh Milk Thistle Complex. If for any reason you are not satisfied, feel free to take advantage of our Lifetime 100% Money Back Guarantee – No Questions Asked
  • LIVER DETOX & COLON CLEANSE SUPPORT – As the most widely researched wellness herb, silymarin seed extract varieties are clinically proven beneficial for liver cleansing and effective for detoxification regimens; a great value liver suppor. Read the full article.
  • SAFE VEGETABLE CAPSULES – Our milk thistle vegetarian friendly caps are easy to swallow, digest and absorb. Perfect alternative to milk thistle tea or powder, oil, softgels or tablets. Each liver support serving size features pills 100% free of animal byproduct ingredients; no chemicals, colors or additives. #1 best potency formula capped in 120 non-GMO, 100% vegan & gluten-free capsules (1 to 3 tabs a day, 60 day supply, servings per container 120)
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3 reviews for Refresh Milk Thistle Complex 450Mg

  1. Uccio

    Good product

    Very high quality product. love the fact that it’s NON-GMO certified and organic.
    This product worked great for me and my wife. I’m taking if for over 8 weeks now and I feel over all more energy, less fatigue and I really feel a difference in my overall health.
    The caps are small and easy to digest, which was one of my main concerens before buying this product.
    It helped control my glucose levels, and high hepatic liver lab test results, which turned to be back to normal levels.
    By the way, the packaging looks great to.

  2. DealDiva

    Milk thistle

    I bought this for its detoxification properties as well as the antioxidant support. It’s been a great supplement! DealDiva

  3. Kaytie

    Going Great!!

    I haven’t been using the NovaVita Refresh Milk Thistle supplements for very long, but I am noticing some slight changes; my skin looks a little brighter, I seem to have more energy and my cravings for late night sweets have diminished a bit, I either have no craving at all, or I can just eat a small sweet treat and feel satisfied. Although I’m not 100% certain these changes have occurred since taking these particular Milk Thistle supplements, but the timeline seems to coincide. (I take a variety of supplements and also started taking a new Omega 3 about 8-10 days prior to the Refresh Milk Thistle supplements) I’ve been taking other brands of Milk Thistle supplements for quite some time, at least the past 3-4 years almost daily; 2 per day and I’ve never noticed any significant changes, so I’m just saying… I take it because I believe/hope it’s helping. The only preference I have is that I would rather this particular Milk Thistle came in capsule and/or gel caps, versus caplets, or tablets (the reason for the 4 star), I feel capsules and gel caps disperse faster throughout your system, i.e. liver, kidneys. I believe this company offers a money back guarantee, check their description info, if so then you really don’t have anything to lose by giving it a try. GOOD LUCK!! Kaytie

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